Door Mats
When is a doormat more than a doormat? When you use MatMates Interchangeable
Welcome Doormats. The doormat can be used as a stand alone or used as an insert
into the decorative tray.  The new designs and the ability to use interchangeable doormats
for every season or holiday. The decorative tray adds beauty and texture and prolongs the life of your doormat
insert. The tray is made from recycled rubber and comes in 2 designs with cast metal corner accents creating an
impressive entrance way.

MatMates designs coordinate with Magnet Works standard and garden size flags!

MatMates™ are the latest addition to our lineup of high-quality decorative accessories. These beautiful mats are
permanently dyed with state-of-the-art sublimation printing and made with an all-weather recycled rubber backing.

MatMates measure 18" x 30" and look great when used stand-alone, but they really come to life when used as
inserts in our traditional Doormat Trays
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Coordinate your door mat with
standard and garden size flags!!